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" Sometimes I just wanna fuck, and sometimes I wanna be in love, and sometimes I wanna be alone. "


These photos are beautiful. 

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A girl becomes embarrassed after giving flowers to a female US soldier on duty in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. 16 April 2007

The caption changes so many assumptions

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" Cut the poison out of your life. No matter what - or whom - it may be. "


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99% of people won’t reblog this because they think it’ll make their blog look as shitty as their heart.

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Could you give a little insight to why you're not a feminist? I'm just curious.. I'm not really sure where I am on the spectrum to be honest

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There are many MANY reasons.

  • the word itself repels me. feminism: the root “fem”, meaning women. “ism” refers to an action or event. it is specifically geared toward women and empowering women. originated in 1851, its definition was “the act of being feminine”. once again, this word is entirely about women. this cause is literally promoting only women. i want equality.
  • by even using the word feminism and saying the world needs feminism, you are rIGHT THERE fucking equality over because by saying women need to be empowered and need this and that and are victimized, you are putting men in power. you are putting yourselves down immediately and putting them on the pedestal even more. you are saying men right now have more opportunities, more power than women and complaining about it and picketing and protesting for equal pay instead of actually getting off your ass and working for it and proving yourself worthy of a higher salary.
  • feminists are not respectful of anti-feminists. every time one hears that i believe in equality and not feminism they’re like “NO THATS THE SAME THING YOU’RE MISINFORMED I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU LET ME HELP YOU WITH THESE SOB STORIES ABOUT RAPE AND SHIT” if they were the same thing, they wouldn’t be different words. respect my fucking opinion. by trying to “persuade” me, aka shoving biased and not researched and inaccurate information down my throat, you are turning me away and showing me even more why i don’t like feminism.
  • i understand that a lot of feminists genuinely believe that feminism is the same as egalitarianism, and i’m okay with that like do your own thing using your own word but what i’m not okay with is the extremists that hate men and taunt them and make life unbelievably difficult for them and take away men’s rights in order to help their own cause. i’m not okay when men have to be put down in order to push the other gender up. once again, by doing that you are only further emphasizing the “gap” you claim there is between men and women.
  • there are way too many feminist extremists, to the point where feminism has frequently been covered as a very negative and discriminatory movement. i don’t care how many good ones there are, i do not want to be associated with a movement that mocks men, puts them down, abuses them, hurts them, etc. i don’t want to be part of a movement where i am put down for not wanting to join. 
  • i love men. i’m not like those ditzy “omg I’m not a feminist because i think men are great” no, i’m actually not a feminist because i genuinely feel for men. i sympathize with them as equally as i sympathize for women. men are equally discriminated against and objectified as women are. not in the same way, but they’re treated just as “unfairly” as women. everything is just blown so far out of proportion for the women side because it’s so easy for them to claim to be victims.
  • throughout history, women have been known to play the damsel in distress and men have to be the strong knight in shining armor. right now, these feminists are playing the damsels by being like “wah help us and give us more money blah rape culture blah”. they’re just putting themselves even more in the gender roles they’re trying to get out of.
  • a lot of girls are feminists and think that dressing in men’s clothes and growing out their body hair and shit is going to make some sort of a difference?? you are literally trying to become a man?? you are right fucking there saying that you want to be a gender you think has more opportunities?? by that you are saying YOUR gender has less opportunities?? you are actually separating yourselves more and more??
  • their “statistics” are total bull, they twist them to fit their argument, and every time an anti feminist shows them actual statistics with legit sources to prove how wrong they are, instead of acknowledging their mistaken theory or reference, they launch into a rant about how “ignorant” and “shallow” we are
  • everything is constantly blown out of proportion with these people and i am goddamn sick and tired of it. i don’t care about your goddamn sob story, have an actual conversation with me and listen to what i have to say and i’ll listen to you
  • this is probably going to sound a little out of place, but it really shouldn’t discredit my argument: i really like being treated like a girl. i like when the guy takes control and tells me what to do. i think it’s great to be overpowered in a relationship. i like when doors are held open for me, when i’m spoiled with gifts, when i’m called princess and when they carry my stuff because i’m too “girly” to do it myself. i love giving blowjobs because i love pleasing the guy who cares about me. i appreciate who i’m with and i want them to have equal rights as i do. and i want equal rights as him, but i dress to impress men and i am not ashamed. i dress to get laid. i don’t give a fuck about what girls think about me and i never have. a straight woman with a sex drive does not dress for other women and you’re lying if you say otherwise.
  • i’m fine and all with the dom/sub thing in a relationship, but when it comes to the real professional and intellectual world i will have none of that shit. no one will ever insult my intelligence because i’m a woman and if they do i’ll kill them with how great i am at whatever i do. i’m not gonna whine about being treated unfairly, i’m going to prove that this person is an idiot and i’m going to then make more money than him.
  • using your gender as an excuse for not getting a job is total bullshit. if you didn’t get the job, it’s because you are not qualified enough and they didn’t want you. most jobs don’t give a flying fuck if you have a vagina or not, they want good work, and don’t care what gender it is.
  • pretending that the promotion of one gender will gain equality is just backwards and dumb and i’m not going to associate myself with a movement that doesn’t fucking think things through. i advocate for everyone’s rights
  • i have gotten so much hate for not being a feminist in the past. i’ve been told i should be raped (um, isn’t that a topic they’re really against? dumbasses) because of my views, that maybe being forcibly invaded will change my mind about men. they tell me my lie will be ruined because i don’t support them.
  • …as if this centuries-long debate is going to be solved within just 80 years. no. your stupid tumblr posts and bullshit is getting nothing done for you and you are wasting your time and breath.
  • you know who else uses scare tactics to try and get others to join their movement? jehovah’s witnesses. extreme evangelicals. pro-lifers. homophobes. racists. terrorists.
  • there are also feminist terrorists but i’m not even gonna start on that
  • i’m not overreacting here either, i’m simply giving an example of groups that display similar behavior.
  • i am an egalitarian. i support equality, nothing more, nothing less.
  • there’s more but yeah.

You my friend just changed the whole game

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Things you should know about eating disorders…


  • there are more eating disorders than just anorexia and bulimia
  • guys have eating disorders too
  • you can not tell if someone has an eating disorder by their body
  • eating disorders are mental illnesses
  • it takes hard work and patience to recover from an eating disorder, it does not just happen over night
  • people of all ages have eating disorders

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